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BNK Switch on the FGC in our Lear45

(Original thread started on 12-11-16 by Shane Barnes)

I came across an old post from Dave Ault, “TasKing” over at Pete Dowson's forum relating to the BNK function. I thought some of you might like this information. I tested the BNK switch tonight and confirmed that it does work. It will limit the bank to 14 degrees if engaged.


(Posted by Jason Hite on 12-12-16)

Not to stir the pot more but my FGC software has a bank and pitch hold function. When you engage the AP without a lateral mode engaged, it will hold the current bank angle. If you enable the AP without a vertical mode it will hold pitch. If you enable the AP without either lateral or vertical mode engaged, it will hold both pitch and bank. I have got this worked out in software already, just have to release the FGC software. I'm not sure how much more value it will add to Jet45 at this point. I think most of you already have functioning FGCs but since you are using the FS default AP, it's not entirely representative with the real LJ45 (i.e no pitch-speed hold etc.).


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