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Backlit Panel Development and Discussion


Would you describe how a "paint plug" is used and it's relationship to the rest of a panel?

Hey Dave,

Paint plugs are a tool that I make and use to help keep the paint out of the internal pockets.  Below are paint plugs for the Display Units:

They are placed in the pockets of the Display Units and then paint is applied:

The results are no paint gets in the pockets.  Remove the paint plugs for a crisp clean pocket.  Keep in mind that these pockets are what I call light chambers.  The pockets need to be white, either painted white prior to these steps or if you are using cast 3015 white, painting white is not necessary.

The end result is you have a high quality panel that was made a little easier with the help of paint plugs!

I apply this method to all of my panels.  I just happened to have photos of the DUs.  I find that the paint plugs can be used at least ten times, not that you would need to paint ten identical panels.  If you are building your own panels, in most cases you will only need to use them two times.

I hope this helps.


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