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Back in the game

Hi there,

now I found time to re-register to this exclusive and fantastic club  😎

Some may know me under my old nick capkalu. I decided to give the real name a try so here we go.

Christian, out of Berlin, Germany, 38 years old, Air Traffic Controller in our real world.

I am building a generic Regioliner flightdeck (CRJ, ERJ and Biz like the Lear45) , layout inspired by CRJ and ERJ. I am in the final stages for completion, last will be a half size shell (it's single seated). I am using Jet45 AAS including FMS as avionic suite and tons of tips from the hangar website/forum for building.

I had a break in building for several month due to the birth of our wonderful little girl. Now back in business...

My pedestal was revised with Leo Bodnar cards as new I/O solution and my buttons got new engraved caps. Also my self-designed FMS (according UNS1 unit) was installed. I will post a topic about my flightdeck soon.

Looking forward to talk to you guys again, happy to be here! Special greetings to Ron, Eric and Shane  😉


Hi Chris,

glad to see you back. This is a hobby that will keep dragging you back. The advancements in so many fields can leave you aghast at what is available now compared to last time you were here.

Once again. Willkommen zurück.


Mark S.

Hi Chris,

Glad to see you back at the Hangar!  Looking forward to seeing your progress!



Glad to see you back Chris!  Hope you like the new and improved Hangar45 website.  There are still lots of things still to be done but one step at a time.

Looking forward to seeing where you are currently at with your sim.   Feel free to start a new build thread on your project in the Project Updates and Media forum to share your project with us!

Thanks a lot, guys!

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