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EFIS & WX Radar v2.0 Development

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Hey Roel,

Glad you were able to get the API for v6.  I only have an older version of Active Sky and was hoping maybe Mark had the latest.  Either way, you have it now!

I am curious what is possible with their weather gauge.  I am going to have to do some more reading on this topic.  Let us know what you discover.

Yeah if anybody needs the documentation let me know, i can send it.

Well..embedding weather information in the MFD is really something for developers like Jason.
It is C++/C# coding.
I am not able , so far , with my Airmanager framework. 🙁
Well at least not for now, the streaming display option which is in the next version could be a solution.
Before when i used iFly737 for my Boeing sim ... like 10 years ago.. i also used Active Sky and iFly had an Active sky plugin.
So even then it was possible to display weather with AS.


Hey guys,

I have been working hard on the EFIS panels and WX Radar panels!  To date, the drawings are now 100% complete, the PCBs have been received and they are all soldered up.

I have also received the Silicone Keypads for the EFIS and WX Radar panels.  The quality of these keypads are second to none and are going to be an incredible time saver while building these panels up.  I always have to give thanks to Will Sasse for giving me a hand with converting my 2D drawings to 3D elements.  Thanks Will!

Now that I have in hand the PCB and keypads, the rest is all up to me and the CNC machine.

Another update soon!

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