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Navigraph support?

Hi there,

long time no hear but I am in the process of interfacing my generic regioliner flightdeck to MSFS 2020.

Current topic ist the CDU (V1) from Jason. Today I checked my Navigraph account to update to the newest database. Unfortunately Flightdecksoft Jet45 AAS is not listed anymore in the manual download packages?! Miss I something? Which package would fit the AAS and the CDU?

Regards and see you soon folks,


Hi Chris,

I can't answer this question but I am sure Jason will be in to answer it for you shortly.

When you say "Not listed anymore in the manual download packages" are you talking about the Flightdecksoft FMS manual?  I don't know if that was ever listed in the manuals section of Hangar45, but it will be in the future once we have the new v2.0 FMS up and running.

I have an older 2017 pre release draft of the v1.0 Jet45 FMS manual attached to this post but it is a draft and the information in it may have changed prior to the release.  If nothing else, this will give you some information to start with.

Jason is currently working on a 2.0 version of the FMS but it is not yet ready to be released.  I have a pre release draft of that too but it would not apply to what you currently have.

I hope this helps a little while waiting for the more complete answers!

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As always Ron nailed it. See page 4 of the FMS tutorial that he posted above. You will need to download the FMS database manager from navigraph. I think I did a reasonable job of explaining how to do the update in the doc. Let me know!

Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

As always fantastic support, guys!!!

Misunderstanding from my site...due to the fact that I switched to MSFS 2020 I thought that I have to download and insert the Navigraph package manually. Did not remember that the FMS Database Manager also serves the add-ons stand alone without the simulator *facepalm*. Works like a charm, thanks again!

Follow up question, the MFD components of the JET 45 AAS package (V1) are also hosting navigational data files (airports etc.). How should they be updated?