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L45-007 V2.0 Project Updates!

Welcome to my new build thread documenting the conversion of my build from V1.0 to V2.0.  I started with this ... 

and now I am here . . .

Refurbished Flight Deck side of the bulkhead (F3).  I still have work to do to to the flight deck area to clean this area up and add some additional new details and ideas.

I have completely refurbished the avionics bay bulkhead repairing several holes no longer needed, adding an additional hole for the avionics fans on both sides and filling many screw holes and re-painting the avionics bay with a fresh coat of paint.

Additionally, I have added Ron's avionics cooling fan control module to the bulkhead and a placard Ron made denoting the Project 45 build number L45-007.  I should have the avionics fans in later this week and installed soon.

Looking good Shane.

"Back to the future ! "

Thanks Mark! Excited that I'm finally making some progress!

Very nice start Shane!

To the casual observer, once it is put all back together, it might be said, "What did you do?  It all looks the same to me."

It's what's "under the hood" that will be the big difference.  The software, interface modules, the way everything gets wired up are the biggest changes.  These are things that the casual observer will not notice unless it is point them out to them.

I will have to make an update to my build thread as well since we are running neck and neck with where we both are with our rebuilds.  It will be hard for even the hardcore hangar guys to tell the two sims apart.  The only give away will be the external pin striping on the shell.

Here are a couple of photos of the finished avionics bay floor painted, with carpet installed and pull rings for the access hatch.


.... And with access hatch open . . .


Good work Shane. I'm finishing off my panel wiring at present, and then I'll be back to shell assembly, so these are good photos to see, so thanks.