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FMS tutorial

For those of you who are lucky enough to own a CDU powered by our very own FMS by Jason, then a bit of learning is required.

I have a number of PDF files as tutorials I've collected over the years, however I've also tracked down some very good videos.

This one is especially good and concise.

This next one has been mentioned elsewhere, but worth a look, as it is produced by a real world Lear 60 co-pilot with a sense of humour.

Hope the links work and helps with your knowledge base.


Mark S.

Hey guys,

I was hunting online for other related information and found an older video that Eric Tomlin created several years ago of the Flight Deck Soft FMS v1.0 that was in my v1 Lear45 sim.  Very cool to see being that we are in the process of testing the new dual FMS v2.0 software.  Take a look!

I wanted to post this up as a reference to where we were compared to where we are going.  We will be posted up tutorials, videos and screen shots of the latest FMS software shortly.