Hangar45 is proud to announce the release of all the Lear45 DXF drawings by Project45! If you have been struggling trying to figure out which aircraft to model for your DIY home built flight simulator, this single page of information will settle that once and for all.

The BUILDER RESOURCES page is a “One Stop Shop” for nearly everything in the Lear45 home built cockpit project including all the backlit control panels.  Here at Hangar45, we have worked hard to research, develop and release the most sought after information regarding the Lear45 panels and parts needed to make a home built flight simulator.  All the tabs on this page have been populated with DXF drawings and information pertaining to that particular panel or part!  In the near future, G-code, CAM and CDR files will be added to each individual zip file. 

Why release this information you might ask?  We want to give our Hangar45 members the choice to either purchase the panels and parts from the HANGAR PRODUCTS page or enjoy the experience of building their own panels and parts with complete confidence that they have everything they need to finish their project.  By releasing the DXF files, Hangar45 has separated itself from all other flightsim websites and making full scale flight simulation obtainable for everyone.  If you have any request for information that has not yet been released, or you find something that needs additional attention, please contact us.

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