Lear45 v2.0 Official News Update!

Without a doubt, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years we have all seen world wide in recent memory. Some of us have had it worse than others inducing the lose of friends and family members. We keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers during these difficult times.

The sim community has also been turned on it’s side with the recent release of Microsoft FS2020 back in August 2020! The jury is still out as to whether or not Microsoft’s new Flight Sim is going to once again regain the title of “King of Flight Sim” and so far, it appears to be moving in the right direction with their continuing fixes and updates. Keep up the great work MS!

Closer to home here in the Hangar we also have some exciting news! As you know, Hangar45 is exclusively dedicated to the Bombardier Lear45 XR home built flight simulator which currently uses FSX or P3D as it’s main sim engine with Flight Deck Soft’s Jet45 Advanced Avionics Suite running all the avionics components. With that said, the new MS FS2020 is our future!

Initial testing of FS2020 with the ported FSX/P3D Lear45 so far appears to be successful and we are currently working to resolve the remaining mandatory issues. This is one of those areas where we invite everyone to pitch in and help by digging into the newly released FS2020 with your ported FSX/P3D Lear45 and document your findings HERE

The new Jet45 AAS v2.0 is now 99% complete!

Jet45 v2.0 will be compatible with Arduino controllers which enables an extremely low cost and high performance interface for the Leat45 panels to the software.  This paradigm shift  means that users can either build their own Arduino interfaces boards from freely available plans, or get them here on the hanger and wire their panels directly to the boards. Each Jet45 main software module (RMU, DU, EFIS, and FGC) will be driven completely from the low cost Arduino modules to provide immediate interfacing with no user configurations or coding needed.  This enables us to tightly control software and hardware performance and ensures a consistent experience.

Below is a complete Jet45 AAS v2.0 Interface Module prototype set. The final products will be professionally made PCB versions. Additionally, the dxf and G-Code files will be made available for the clad versions (along with all back lit panels) if you enjoy making your own parts!

Jet45 AAS v2.0 will include the following new features:

  • Arduino Plug & Play ready for all buttons, switches, lights & encoder interfaces for DUs, RMUs, EFIS, CWP, FGC and reversion panels
  • New FGC software module which adds realistic speed hold (with pitch), ASEL, V/HNAV with FMS
  • Fast encoder response for all panels through the Arduino interfaces
  • More complete indications on the DUs for FMS flight plan data

Also in the works is Jet45 Systems.  The Jet45 Systems module will handle simulation for driving the lower MIP and center pedestal panels through dedicated Arduino interfaces.  This includes an improved simulation of hydraulics, electrical systems, AML21 indicators, and APU simulation. Find more information and updates on the new software HERE

During the engineering of the new software, we developed what we call the Jet45 Hardware Pinout Document that acts as a Master Blueprint for the entire cockpit of our sim! Every option, switch, button, encoder, toggle and LED has been accounted for and is documented in this Master Plan.

NOTE: Some planned features may not be available at initial release. Take a look at the “Prerelease” version of the Jet45 Hardware Pinout document HERE

No flightsim software is complete without hardware to interface with it and that is why we are working so hard on developing all new v2.0 panels, aluminum MIP, aluminum Glare Shield and other critical hardware components. All the panels have been updated to reflect as close to scale as we are able to achieve. The new v2.0 panels will all require 5 volt power just like the real Lear45!

All panel dxf drawings have been completly updated and at this time it is just a matter of building proofs of every panel to insure that the dxf drawings and G-code are 100% correct. To date, several panels have been proven and are ready to be released. We are currently about 50% complete with the second batch of panels which include all the lowers, Engine, System Test and APU Panels. Our goal is to have all panels proven by the end of 2021 and released on Hangar45 for DIY builders! Follow up to date v2.0 panel progress HERE

Project45 v2.0 Panels will include the following new features:

  • True to scale panels with properly placed & sized mounting holes
  • 5 volt back lighting via 1206 size SMD LEDs and resistors
  • Laser engraved front panel artwork and line artwork
  • Rear clad is now embedded into front panels to reduce light bleed

To recap, 2020 has not been a total bust. We have developed a solid plan for our v2.0 Lear45 sims and have got a good start on building it! Keep an eye out for the release of the new Jet45 AAS v2.0 software in mid 2021 and the Jet45 Systems Software to follow soon after!

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