November 2018 Hangar45 turns ten years old!  How fast the time flies when we are all having fun.  Over the past ten years we have had some incredible talent join our community and the friendships are more like family.  For such a small corner of the flight sim community, we have pushed the limits of what is possible to the extreme edges.  But there is still so much more we can do.

We have been in the process of re-engineering the Lear45 sim from the ground up!  My personal Lear45 sim that you have seen in my photos, in person or maybe have even flown in the past is no longer.  It is considered Lear45 version 1.0.  We are currently in the process of building version 2.0 with enhanced capabilities and functionality.  With that said, everything that is either new and improved will be interchangeable with components from earlier components for the most part.  The casual observer will not notice any difference.  On the other hand, the hardcore Lear45 flight sim enthusiast will be amazed with the enhanced components and capabilities.  Keep in mind that all we are doing is striving for the most realistic Lear45 flight sim we can build with the tools, knowledge and limited budgets we have at our disposal.

Over the next several months I will be refining my CAD drawings and insuring my G code files are squared away so that I can release them here on Hangar45 for anyone who wants to build this project.  I want to instill confidence to all our members so that they do not have to worry about something not being available at anytime in the future.  Myself and others still plan to make as many parts and panels as the demand requires, so don’t worry.  Additionally, there are several folks out there in the world that get just as much enjoyment out of building their own flight simulator as they do flying it.  My goal to to help ALL members achieve their Lear45 flight sim dreams!  Publishing my drawing will help achieve this goal.

So here is to the next ten years and where this incredible flight sim hobby takes us and the friendships we will make because of it! 

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