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Wanted - Latching AML21 Switches


Our beloved AML21 push switches are now over $40 each. I am in need of the latching version (AML21CBA2AD) and am willing to trade for the non-latching version (I have several) in exchange. If anyone out there is in need of non-latching and has spare latching to trade let me know.

Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

Jason is correct, the AML21 switches are getting harder and harder to find, especially at a decent price we can live with.  But deals are out there and can be found from time to right now!

This morning I spent some time combing through the internet and happened to find the mother load of exactly what we need at a price we CAN live with.  It will be hard to beat $14.99 per switch.

Check this out for Alternate switches:

Check this out for momentary switches:


I highly recommend you all do a quick inventory of your AML21 switches and compare what you have to the hardware list found in the attached Jet45 AAS Systems Modules document.  Keep in mind that when we are talking about the AML21 switches, the part numbers in this document are our recommended switch part numbers........if you can find them at a price you can afford.

As an example, our recommended AML21 part numbers are all double pole and have solder lugs.  In most all cases we only need single pole switches but it does not hurt anything to have the extra pole for the few places we need them.  And in all cases it is easier to solder wires to solder lugs rather than to PCB pins.

In an effort to simplify what you would be looking for when it comes to your AML21 switches, it comes down to this.  Note that these are our recommended AML21 part numbers and quantities:

AML21CBA2AD   Alternate                         Qty: 32

AML21CBA2AC   Momentary                      Qty: 32

AML21CBA2AC   Indicator                          Qty: 6


With all this said, you might notice that the links above to those switches have different part numbers.  The difference is these switches might be single pole and or have pcb pins rather than solder lugs.  We can live with this especially because of the amount of savings compared to the big online supply stores.

Also attached to this post is the AML21 Series document.  You can't buy an AML with confidence without this document.  This document will help dissect all the AML switch part numbers to help insure you are buying what you need.

Unfortunately, these AML21 vendors come and go and are in stock one minute and the switches are gone the next.  Again, if you are in need of a couple AML21s to complete your set, now is a good time to snag a few while the price is right!

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I actually managed to find recommended AML21 switches on Ebay (AML21CBA2AD and AML21CBA2AC) for $14.99 a piece without having to use alternative. Bad part - I needed quite a number.

When I checked AML switches against the manual, I discovered that a lot of them were wrong type or in wrong position. I ended up getting 15  latching type and 9 of momentary to have a correct complete set plus couple extra in case of failure or damage.

Thanks to Jason for "stirring the AML pot" and Ron for finding solution!

I have a Hong Kong supplier that might be able to help us with reasonable pricing...

They are showing a price around the US$10 mark. I sent in an RFQ however I received a price saying their minimum order value was $500.

This may be a useful supplier for anyone buying the full inventory. Unfortunately for me, I only need about 10 of the AML21CBA2AD variety.

Hi Terry, at that price I could do with 10 myself, 6 latching and 4 momentnary. Perhaps we can do a group order if enough others want some?

Do they have the caps for the switches?

Hi Will,

Yes, they have the caps - about US$1.70 each.  They also have the toggle switches.

Our combined order so far is about US$230, anyone else interested ?


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