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Questions On the cockpit

Do I have to buy a shell kit or can I build the cockpit with out it/ are there files to make my own?

Regards, David

Hi David,

Glad you found our site and thinking of building a Lera45 sim.  You do not have to have a shell to build this project, although it help considerably if you want to have the full effect of being immersed into the flight simulation experience.

There are two options if you want to build a full size Lear45 cockpit.  First, you can purchase the shell kit if you are in North America.  The second option is to purchase the shell paper plans for $295 shipping included worldwide.  The paper plans are full scale and are designed to be pasted to .75" MDF sheets and cut from there.

There are no digital files for the shell at this time.

If you have any other questions about the Lear45 build please ask.  We are here to help!

Thank you for reaching out. I am thinking of making the center pedestal first because it looks fairly easy to make, I opened up the dxf and my program says there is no units, is it in feet, inch, or mill. Thank you for your help again.

Regards, David

Hi David,

All the drawings including this one are in inches.  I am in the process of tweaking all those drawings, but nothing that will make a difference.  (adding layers, additional drawing information, etc.)

Starting with what we call the furniture pieces is a good place to start.  It will give you something physical to start adding to.  If you are planning to have a shell one way or the other, I always suggest building it at the beginning of your build because it is a lot of work and it takes a lot of focus to stick with it and finish it.  During that time, you can spend your downtime researching and planning all the finer details of your sim, which all that information can be found here in Hangar45.

I you are wondering about one specific area of the build and you can not easily find it, just ask.

Thank you again. I don’t have enough room for a full cockpit that is why I asked if there are digital files for the shell so I can modify them slightly so they it can fit. I am going to have the different parts be able to be taken apart easily for storage if I need more room, thank you again for your help and I am going to start the build here shortly.


I have a somewhat smaller version that I use for development of Jet45.  I have mine on a 5'x6' foot base and is plenty of room for the FO and Captain. Where I am short is in the front of the cockpit where, with Ron's shell kit, you have plenty of room for your computers and such. Dave Simmons is building a 1/2 cockpit with just the captain side avionics.  That may be an option for you as well.  You can still do this with Ron's furniture plans, just need to modify them a bit (basically cut off the right side of the MIP).

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Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

I like your idea on the 5' x 6' platform, do you use the same files or do you have a modified set? I want to keep it small but also have two people be able to fly. I would most likely be the only one flying however, so the one person would most likely be the best option.

Full size files for the MIP and furniture!

Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

Alright, time to start building

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