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Prepar3D v4.0 News and Updates

(Original thread started on 05-23-17 by Shane Barnes)

Prepar3d is set to release their newest version of Prepar3d V4 on May 30th. This is the version many have been waiting for! This version will be 64 bit and hopefully improves performance even more. I am going to wait a time period before I upgrade to see if there are any compatibility issues with add on scenery, FSUIPC, etc. When you get a chance go to the P3D website and take a look at the release information.


UPDATE:  Going back to my favorite saying ... " Nothing is ever easy". P3D V4 as of now is not compatible with FSUIPC. That is a deal breaker for us Lear builders as we rely on FSUIPC for interfacing. So that leaves us waiting to see if Peter Dowson updates FSUIPC or if another software developer takes on an interface. I think this will happen in the near future least I hope so!


(Posted by Mark Speechley on 05-23-17)

Hi all, probably the most anticipated release for all of us is finally here. As Shane pointed out FSUIPC at the moment does not work but surely a bit of time and Pete Dowson will have it up and running. The other potential deal breaker is the actual Lear 45.


Poppet the moderator on the P3D forum has said:

"Additional Aircraft and Avatars have been added, 140 in total. As you can see from the Image the Lockheed Martin F-16 is Included also the Lockheed Electra included ". By saying 140 we will have to wait to see if the Lear is included on the 30th otherwise..... someone will have to port the code to make it work.


Exciting times ahead for us all. At least for a few of us who have been stuck on P3D2.5 at least we can update to 3.4 worst case scenario.


Here is the latest update list of compatibles for P3D v4 that is constantly updated.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 05-23-17)

This is surely exciting! We have been anticipating this upgrade for years now. But as you guys have pointed out, it looks like we will still be waiting a bit longer until some of the key addon programs are updated. FSUIPC being the most important.


I am with you Mark, at least we have 3.4 to fall back on if all else fails. But I don't think we need to think like that. Version 4.0 has been highly anticipated by so many flight simmers that there is no way the big heavy sim guys are going to settle for 3.4 when there is a 4.0 and beyond. I say give it some time, by Christmas, all these concerns will be a distant memory.


Another thought, maybe P3D has built in it's own version of what FSUIPC does. I have always wondered why Microsoft did not do that over the years when it was in it's prime. For Lockheed Martin P3D, this would be the perfect time to implement a feature like this. Either way, there will be a solution.


Dag nabbit! Another not so good thought. Jason Hite had to contact Peter Dowson to put aside specific offsets within FSUIPC in order to get certain functions of Jet45 AAS to work. This is another issue that we may have to hash out. Lets just throw all the pieces up in the air and see where everything lands!


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 05-24-17)

I read a post from Peter Dowson stating he was on vacation at the moment but would determine what would be needed to make it compatible. I think FSUIPC will be updated to work. Pete did say all the weather junk would most likely not make it into the new version but that will not cause any concern for us. As he pointed out , those offsets were used back in the day before weather software such as active sky etc. I think it will work out. They will have bugs to work out so for the moment I will wait.


(Posted by Mark Speechley on 05-26-17)

Pete Dowson stated 20 hrs ago on his website:

"I didn't need to reconsider as I hadn't decided way back at the beginning of the year.  There will be an FSUIPC5 for P3D4, but first release won't coincide with the rather rushed (in my opinion) release of P3D4 on Tuesday. And FSUIPC5 will be a new product, not an upgrade. It's been too much work to have it as just an upgrade.  The user weather stuff is stripped out, and some other facilities do not yet work (mouse macros, menu diversion, frictions just to name three). They are dependent on further P3D development."

"Pete "


So we will get our FSUIPC just will have to wait awhile for , hopefully, for everything we need to be incorporated into the new version.


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 05-26-17)

Thanks for the update Mark. I saw that update from Pete today but didn't have time to post ...that is good news and If I were him I would charge for the new product as well. I can't tell you how many free updates he has done over the years. Spring 2018 looks like a good time to think about updating to P3D V4.


(Posted by Mark Speechley on 06-10-17)

I am enjoying all the latest daily updates from the sim community regarding P3Dv4. Each day things look brighter. I believe a registered version of FSUIPC V5 is now out which means we Lear45 people are back in the game. However the Lear 45 FSX default aircraft that we have been able to port to P3D v1/2/3 is an unknown for V4.


This thread from ORBX Forum from Saturday 3rd June looks promising.


"There was little doubt that the default of V4 was clearly above and beyond anything from the old FSX days and way ahead of previous P3D. But there is a lot of testing and not everyone will have the patients or the resources for a successful installation. The fact that we now have a 64 bit platform should tell most of the story, interestingly I have installed almost 30 airplanes from Native FSX with little problems. Unless you are waiting for plug and play with little or no effort installation, then I can't see why anyone would wait. You can run V4 with what ever you have now, so I don't see a downside except you bank account is lighter by $59 and you will have pony up for the new version (paid) FSUIPC. We learn by doing, and you can't be doing if you don't have the program. I suspect within a month, maybe less, we will have everything we want."


As written he has installed 30 planes from FSX. Looks promising until someone has a go and confirms. I have been trawling the usual sites for anyone who has confirmed that the Lear 45 will run under P3D v4. no luck so far. I have even been on the ORBX site and asked could anyone test out the Lear 45 on behalf of all of us. No-one has offered up any help to date. However. Here is a thread from Nick Cooper an ORBX moderator and he says:


"FS9 aircraft models don't work any more in P3D v4.


If you get yourself a copy of first object xml editor you can check each one.


Open the .mdl file and look at the top left.


If you see RIFF4%MDL8MDLH, its an Fs9 model.


If you see RIFF¹)tMDLXMDLH, its an FSX model and should still work but


it may not work correctly.


This is one reason why these products are not available yet through FTX Central."


Well to save you all the hassle I have tested out the Lear 45 using this method and it came up as the FSX model. So reading other threads it seems that what usually doesn't work is the gauges. What that means to us may not be so much as we have hardware gauges. I do unfortunately have to access the 2D Lear screen to click on buttons when I have a hardware/software mismatch.


Unless someone is ahead of the game and has an answer I am still working on it for us.


(Posted by Mark Speechley on 06-15-17)

Here is a thread from the ORBX Forum sent 17 hours ago. Just the news I have been waiting for.


Here is the quote:

"An update on my aricrafts that is working in V4:


Aero Commander 500 - 560 - works fine

Aerospace Fletcher - works fine

Cessna C208B Grand Caravan - works fine

ISDT_B200LW - works fine

RealAir Duke B60


Lear45 ( copied over from FSX, and works fine ) - Remember gauges folks, you need them.

Cessna 172 SP "


As previously noted since we have had our own gauges this should not be a problem. It is the possible mismatch for buttons that we may need to click on. So great news for us all that V4 should be our next purchase and not v3.4.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 06-15-17)

Great news Mark! I am so looking forward to P3D v4.  I spoke with Greg Branch the other day and he reported that he has tried P3D v4 with some heavy scenery packages and is impressed with it. He says it was smooth and did not see any issues. He only had limited time so he did not run through it thoroughly. But what he saw was great!


(Posted by Mark Speechley on 06-17-17)

Things are moving faster than I can keep up with. Gee Shane I hadn't even considered Link2FS yet, until your info alerted me.


Well, well, over on the MyCockpit forum guess what ? A forum member Nunasims has already written a conversion for Link2fs today and this is what he wrote ;


" the software already getting the data from the game and it is working great the things i need to fix is the FSUIPC communication and commands , hopefully couple days ".


So guys will be days and not months and we can tick that one off. I'll keep an eye on that forum for when he releases the update, so I can reference it all for us to download.


Things are definitely coming together, Coop and I got the MD80 seats to fit in if I could just get that bloody MIP to fit in the shell!


(Posted by Rick Trantham on 06-17-17)

I can verify that the Lear45 works. I've done some initial testing. I'm getting seriously crazy frame rates with my setup and the bare bones P3D 4 install. (170 FPS)


My system consist of:

ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming MB

INTEL i7 6700K 4.0 Ghz OCd to 4.3 Ghz Water-Cooled

ASUS NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080ti Strix Gaming OCd version 11 MB VRAM


I'm only running one screen right now, but even with all compatible ORBX scenery installed, I'm getting 130 FPS. I haven't touched any of the graphics settings, so just the default right now. I'm impressed so far.

Hi all,

For those of us who are lucky enough to be flying, and have updated to P3D v4.2, here is a bug to look out for.

I noticed over the last few weeks that the ATC panel appeared to work but the writing and numbers were grey. It didn't matter if you clicked on the panel by the mouse to regain focus or used the keyboard numbers to choose an option, nothing worked. This was intermittent each time I restarted P3D sometimes it worked, sometimes not.


From the P3D forum.

"........The ATC bug is unrelated and was introduced in 4.2 development. As mentioned in this thread ( ... &start=150) we isolated the cause of the issue and will issue a fix in our next update. I'm locking this thread for now. Users have found various workarounds in the meantime which are discussed in both of these threads. Sorry again for the inconvenience. Thanks again for your patience and assistance with resolving this issue.


Rob McCarthy"

It pays to keep abreast of ALL the forums in case you think the problem is your fault.

Mark S.


Hi all,

You are way ahead with P3D. Maybe I'm not much of a techie after all.

Having much difficulty to get P3D V5 to work, I dropped back to V4. As I use Opencockpits SIOC for the FMC, I wanted to test on my upstairs PC. As it's a test bed, I don't care about performance.

I loaded P3D V3.4 on my test PC. Everything works fine. FSUIPC, SIOC, LINDA, etc.

I added the FSX Lear 45 and Perfect Flight Lear 45 to V3 (No longer have FSX Installed). P3D did not recognize the aircraft in the startup list as installed by Perfect Flight's installer (mirrored it's location for the FSX Lear).

Moved the aircraft from the P3D root to the Add-ons folder in Documents. Changed the Simobjects.cfg file to point to Add-ons. Works.

However, I now get an error if I try to start (choose) either aircraft. It appears that either the models or textures don't work. I get an error "Failed to Startup Aircraft Models" when I try to use either aircraft (FSX or Perfect Flight).

Does anyone have any ideas? Google or Prepar3D forums have no input I can find.


You've not found anything on google or P3D forums search because you think up novel ways of making what should be easy things difficult.

If you have both Lear versions working in your V4 setup then a straight copy and paste from the simobjects/airplanes to the equiv in P3D v3 should work. Why ? because that is how we've done it (albeit in reverse) through all of the iterations of P3D. Be careful with some of the installers as when they were designed it was obviously for older versions and P3D with esp the newer versions have made changes along the way with installations that would not have been foreseen. eg xml for scenery and different addresses for configuration files.

Just copy and paste the FSX Lear into V3 AND restart the computer then check. If it works then copy the  Pf2k Lear 45 over which should be in it's own folder separate to the FSX Lear 45.

Mark S.

Thanks Mark,

The Perfect Flight Lear is a P3D install but didn't show in the aircraft list until moved to the Add-ons folder. It's install put it in the Program Files root folder.

The FSX Lear was moved from FSX to the Add-on folder.

Both have the error. I thought someone may have found a solution.

I had already done what you suggest.


You are starting to get past my pay grade but here goes so bare with me.

I installed ships and boats V2 for P3D v5 the other day and it wanted to go into the Documents\P3Dv5 Add-ons Folder. I made a specific folder within P3Dv5 add-ons folder for the ships and boats. Then and here may be your trick that within it's txt file was the xml code, that you copy and paste, that needed to be put on the end of of the ad-ons.xml file. That tells P3D where you have the Boats and Planes installed.

Here is a discussion that should fry your brain but get you thinking about a solution.

You may need to join Avsim to see this ?


Thanks Mark,

You can also do this by adding the aircraft in the SimObjects.cfg. Does the same thing. I was using V3.4 and it wasn't reading the texture files correctly.

I broke down and purchased another copy of V4.5, installed it and everything works fine.

Also found V5.2 is a little wacco. It requires Directx 12 and throws up at any graphics card that can't handle it. Poor technology.

My Sim Server PC has 2 cards. One old one for the monitor and a new one for the external view 3 32" TVs. It hiccups on that as well. Won't solve it without forum input.

I'll stick with V4.5 for now. Seems as if I've got it working on a test PC and the Sim Server.

I highly appreciate your input.

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