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Learjet 35A/C-21 Mock Cockpit Simulator

Hey everyone,

Looking to see if anyone has contacts on developing a non-motion Cockpit simulator for the military C-21.


I am glad you found us!  The C-21 is absolutely a beautiful aircraft and one of my favorites in the Learjet family.  I have a small model of it but that is about all I have in reference to the C-21 Lear.

This site is solely dedicated to the development of the Lear45 and everything needed to build your own home sim based on the Lear45.  Other Learjet aircraft do not have much of anything related to the Lear45 with the exception of the Lear75, which is basically a Lear45 with a make over.

If you decide to build a Lear45, you have found the right place.  We have several members who are building a Lear45 and all the supporting software, documents and drawings to support it.  Let us know if we can help or you would like more info on the Lear45!


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