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Hello, I'm Jason

How is everyone doing?  I hope everyone is well and healthy!  At any rate, Learjets are cool.  But, I want to to an older model with analog gauges and retrofit in a E-500 and a GTN750 while still leaving some of the analog stuff in place and functional.  I know real analog is really hard to do accurately in a sim because of the vacuum pressure.  But I'm sure there's a way.  And, to be fair, I really love airplanes and take a special interest in avionics. 🙂


Jason M. Tutwiler

Jason Tutwiler Never Ending Reality Distortion (N.E.R.D)

Hi Jason,

Great to have you drop in and say Hi.

Thank you for your kind words about being well and healthy. Hangar 45 has members all over the world and hence the covid-19 infection rate varies from place to place. We all hope  for the best as well.

Also someone is usually on deck around the forum through the 24 hours of the day. I'm here in Australia so my turn.

If you hadn't looked around the Hangar much you'd probably grasp that we love our Learjet but more specifically the 45. We do and have had members over the years with generic or hybrid simulators, but as you can imagine it has been sometimes difficult to offer advice when no-one else has tried to interface a particular instrument that is not a Learjet part. You maybe on your own finding technical details for pinout, voltages, lamps, led's etc.

I suppose the real question you need to ask is, 'is it the fun of the building or I want to fly ?' Here at Hangar 45 the tools and knowledge are here to build a Lear 45, or, you can try and make a hybrid, possibly spend more money and more time to branch out in a direction that may have a less than planned outcome. You can re-invent the wheel if you like.

I have essentially finished my Learjet but am always upgrading hardware and software. Other people have done the hard work, I just need now to kick back and go flying.....wherever.

I'm never talking you out of going in the direction you think you want to go, but stop and ask yourself what is  the endgame for you ?

Cheers and keep safe. Others may chime in with their opinions on interfacing analogue instruments.

Mark S.

Hi Jason,

Welcome to the hangar and hope you have a good time looking around at all the work we have accomplished on the Lear45 project.

A sim with vacuum gauges is probably the most difficult project you take on although it is certainly possible.  We had a fella here by the name of Scott Wegner ten years ago who started the Lear45 project then switched to a 737 and then finally decided to build something with steam gauges.  He might have moved on from that by now.

In any case, the fellas here at the hangar can certainly help get you up to speed if you decide to build a Lera45.  Some of the guys, including myself have been at this for well over 12 years now.

If you do choose to build a Lear45, it might be because you love the sleek looks of a Learjet, have limited space and can not build a larger sim like a 737, you want to build something with jet engines, something fast (.81 Mach), something that can fly high (51,000 ft), and something that can get into thousands of more airports compared to something like a 737.  Or all of the above!  It is also more affordable compared to any of the big heavies.  It has all the extras like an APU, dual FMS and a custom avionics package specifically for the Lear45.

In addition to all those reasons, we are currently in the process of making almost every part and panel for the Lear45 available in dxf drawings and G-Code so that if you have the tools and know how, you can build almost everything on your own.  Or you could purchase the parts.  Basically, we want to give guys the option to either build or buy.  Some folks enjoy building things and others want to get to flying sooner.  So we are trying to take care of fellas in both camps.  The bottom line is there is ample support for the Lear45 project.

All this info is just food for thought.  But the biggest thing you have to have when jumping into a project like this is passion.  No matter a Lear45 or something with steam gauges, with out a strong drive and love for the project, it might not be possible to finish something as big and challenging as this.

Where abouts are you located in the world?  I am located in Florida.  Again, welcome to the hangar!


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