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CNC Shark to give away

We are moving to a new home in August. As I've said before, there is no room for a Lear Sim nor many of my tools.

Does anyone need a slightly thread bare CNC machine with a Bosch router? It is heavy, works extremely well and comes with all pieces and parts. I'm keeping the PC.

It comes with the PC controller software and even a Laser head and it's software. VCarve Pro 7.0 is also on the USB drive. (I'm not crazy about the laser. I'm not clever or patient enough to have gotten it to work.)

All from Nextwave Automation CNC.

I will provide it free.

I will ask you to pay for shipping and packing. I would prefer it going to someone who will use it to build a Sim.

Hi Dave,

I am interested, which model is the shark?

Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

It's a Shark. They don't sell them any more but do support it.

The reason I bought it in the first place was the VCarve Pro. Still supported.

Great mechanical drawing tool. Creates G-CODE for the machine. Cut3D from the same vendor is also there. It can carve 3D objects.

As soon as I can get downstairs, I'll send you photos.

Thanks Dave. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. If it's bigger than the CNC I currently have (Chinese 3040T), I'll take it. The shark currently comes in multiple sizes so that is why I asked.  I am familiar with Vectric software. I currently use Carve 2D which is great and easy to use. Vcarve allows for better 3D milling ops.

Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

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