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12V to 5V panel backlighting upgrade

I have Vinces panels MFD, PFD, RMU, EFIS Controller, and WX Radar where the backlighting works on 12V but won’t work on the new 5V design.

To solve this issue I have designed new circuit boards (PCB’s) for these panels, which changes the LED’s from series to parallel connection . All PCB’s are designed for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) LED’s and resistors, along with Through Hole Tech (THT) encoders and tactile switches.

If you would like one or more please let me know. Prices are listed below in AUS$ (ex postage and taxes if applicable).

I can also supply a kit with the PCB plus all new components for you to assemble. This will  include encoder/s, Tac Switches, SMT Led’s, SMT Resistors, and a short length of power cable and flat ribbon data cable.Moderate soldering skills are required, you need to be comfortable soldering very small SMT components onto solder pads.

I can also provide completed boards, all components soldered on, I will work out a price for this if there is interest.

NOTE: I couldn’t replicate Vinces pin-outs on the connectors because of the extra trace lines needed for parallel connection, you will need to test and reconfigure your I/O cards as required.

RMU: 1 pair per panel (Main board & Encoder board)
PCB $15; Kit $55 (the dual encoder is a $30 item!)

MFD: 1 per panel
PCB $10; Kit $20

PFD; 1 per panel
PCB $10; Kit $20

EFIS and WX Radar: 2 per panel
2x PCB $10; Kit $15

I have tested all with prototype boards and now I am ready to order a production run.

I will take expressions of interest for a couple of weeks before placing the order.

Let me know if you want any.


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Awesome work Will!  I know there are a few guys that are going to want to take advantage of your pcb and make the upgrade.  I remember back in the day there were a few of us that had pcb issues from the start with Vince's original set.  This solution you came up with will solve those early problems and address the new 5v back lighting solution we are moving to.

Again, great work and thanks for taking this part of the project on!

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