Hangar45 is proud to announce that the premier Jet45 Advanced Aircraft Suite and the Jet45 UNS-1 FMS by FlightDeckSoft is on sale for a limited time!  If you have or are looking to build a Lear45 flight simulator, these software programs are a must have in your project.  The Jet45 AAS software is the lifeblood of our projects!  For more information, you can check out the dedicated Jet45 Support Forum at hangar45 HERE      Read More →

Hangar45’s Grand opening will be on January 1st 2018! Hello All!  This is an official announcement that our “New and Improved” Hangar45 website is well on the way to being fully operational again.  Over the past few months we have been researching options and finding solutions to make the best website possible while staying in budget.  These past few months you will have noticed that the hangar has been online but this time frame should be consider a “soft online period.”  If you are reading this it is because you were already aware of Hangar45 and knew to look for it.Read More →