Here you will find several public Publications, Documents and Manuals related to the Learjet 45.


Learjet 45 Documentation and Manuals:

Pilot's Manual Section I General Description                                                                                                       PM-126A
Pilot’s Manual Section I “General Description”

Here you will find a detailed general description of the Learjet45.  Included in this general description is a detailed illustration of the Main Instrument panel, the Center Pedestal and the two circuit breaker panels.  This illustration gives a brief description of every switch and knob in the flight deck!  You can down load a PDF version of the Pilot’s Manual Section I by clicking the .pdf icon below.





Members Documentation and Manuals:

Learjet 45 Technical Acronyms                                                                                                                              V5.1
Learjet 45 Technical Acronyms by Ron Rollo 

Ever wondered what the meaning of a particular acronym meant?  Here you will find a list of 99% of all the aviation acronyms associated with the Learjet 45 that you may come across.  You will also find many extras associated with computer technology, interfacing, visual systems, CNC manufacturing and other software programs that you are likely to be using during your build.  You can download the latest Learjet 45 Technical Acronyms PDF version 5.1by clicking  HERE




Structural Assembly Manuals:

Shell Assembly Manual (SAM) Rev 6.0
Project45 Shell Assembly Manual (SAM) by Ron Rollo

The Project45 Shell Assembly Manual, otherwise known as the SAM was developed by Ron Rollo and is the corner stone of the Lear 45 project! The SAM is a step by step assembly guide that takes the builder from the point of receiving a Project45 Shell kit in a crate, through all ten phases of construction, to the last steps of installing the Lexan windscreens.  Whether you have ordered a Project45 shell or are researching the possibilities of building a Lear project, take a few minutes to look over the SAM.  You can download the PDF version of the SAM 6.0 by clicking   HERE

L45 Rudder Pedal Assembly Manual
L45 Rudder Pedal Assembly Manual by Tom Goldberg

Although Tom Goldberg is no longer an active member here at Hangar45 and is no longer making rudder pedals for the Lear45 project, his L45 Rudder Pedal Assembly Manual is a great resource for the guys who would like to take on this part of the build themselves.  Keep in mind that Tom Goldberg’s design has what we call the “swing set effect” design. The real Learjet 45 makes use of the “Parallelogram” design. To take a look at the L45 Rudder Pedal Assembly Manual click  HERE




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