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UNS-1 CDUs For Sale by A.J. Simulations

(Original thread started on 04-18-16 by Shane Barnes)

I finally found a few minutes to get these posted for sale. I have two CDU's that I have disassembled, button faces cleaned and inspected, metal face plate sandblasted and repainted, switches checked for functionality, back lighting checked and glass lens cleaned and reinstalled. In addition, the units have been assembled using Ron's adapter kit that allows the Hagstrom board and LCD screen to be mounted to the rear of the CDU. The Hagstrom board and LCD screen are included . . all you will need to add is a 12v power supply for the LCD, a 5v power supply for back lighting, a VGA cable and a USB cable and when released from beta testing, Jason's CDU software.


If interested send me an email at shaneb341(AT)roadrunner.com for pricing and information. I will answer your email as soon as possible . . I'm still tied up with my day job for another week or so and not much spare time right now.


Here are a few photos of the units:

Shane's CDU 1


Shane's CDU 2



Shane's CDU 3



(Posted by Jeff Peters on 05-20-16)

Those look great Shane. I am totally happy with the one you did up for me....Even if the sim isn't ready for it yet!


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 05-20-16)

Thanks Jeff. I think while refurbishing yours is when I learned how to repair the backlighting. Had fun doing that one up for you,


Also guys, I've sold one of the CDU's and I have one left. If any of our builders need one send me an email. You will need one when the CDU software from Jason is released. Also Jason's software will support two CDU's in your build ... just in case we have any builders planning on having two!


(Posted by Dave Simmons on 07-03-16)

I am interested in the CDU without the Software. I assume that the unit will work as a USB device and the video with a VGA video plug.


Open cockpits has one for about 400 Euros but would prefer to purchase USA.

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