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Throttle Quadrant Module by Project45

Hey Mark and Mark,

It looks like you are on the right track!  There is life in the reverser lockout solenoid system thanks to you two!

Watching the video and listening to the second video, it sounds like the solenoids are activating when weight on wheels is detected.  This is not correct.  If the solenoids are energized all the time, it will cause damage to them and or the plastic parts they are attached to.

If this is in fact the case, to correct this, I have included ANOTHER set of micro switches that activate when you pull the reversers back to the first notch.  The travel of the reversers to activate these switches is less than a half inch.  These switches need to be included in on the conditions for the solenoids to be activated, otherwise, they will stay energized way too long while on the ground potentially causing damage.

There is more information on the first sequence of micro switches in post #12 and #19 of this thread.  Here they are in these two photos below:

In the photo below, it is the switch on the left.  When you pull back on the reverser levers, the metal internal levers hit these switches.  If everything works properly, in a micro second, FSUIPC will detect that all conditions are met and the solenoids will activate allowing you to continue to pull the reverser levers all the  way back until they activate the second micro switch in the sequence.  You got that one right and squared away in the video so don't mess with those settings.  The second set of micro switches actually activates the clam doors on the back end of the engines like you see in the video.

Heck of a puzzle but you are on the right track!

Once everything is set up properly, the one thing I was concerned about is if you pull too hard and fast on the reverser levers, will it put too much pressure on the mechanical moving parts and prevent the solenoid from activating?  That is something to keep an eye out for.  I think it will come down to how fast FSUIPC activates the solenoids.  The good news is, if it is as fast as it detects weight on wheel like in your video, it will be instantaneous and not an issue!

Please keep us posted on the progress and keep up the ground breaking work!  Exciting stuff!



Shane and I were talking about the issue at hand and I think I made it sound more confusing than it needed to be.  The solution to the problem is really simple.  Just use that first micro switch that I refer to in this post to break one of the lines, either the ground line or the power line going to the solenoid.  DONE.  You already have everything set up in FSUIPC  correct!

Once you have the first micro switch wired directly into the solenoid, it will keep the solenoid from energizing unless it is selected by the switch.  This way the solenoid is only energized when you actually need it as designed.

In flight, if you try to select the solenoids via the reversers and the first micro switch, nothing will happen as you demonstrated in the video.  So with all this said, you are closer than you think to having it perfectly right.

And the bonus to this extra thought process:  My concern if FSUIPC will cycle fast enough is not an issue.  The way you have it programmed now selects weight on wheels at the first touch of the wheels on the ground.  So the computing part of the equation is already handled.  A second or two later when you pull back on the reverse levers and close that first micro switch, power will be applied to the solenoids instantaneously!  So this should not be an issue but we need to prove it first.

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