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Roel's Learjet 45 simulator

I used a short throw projector before for my 737.

since i could not mount it to the ceiling i placed it on the floor, projecting upwards.

this way you have no shadow from the nose!

i still am not sure if i will use projectors or lcd screens....



I can feel your breath on my neck! You are about to catch up with mine!

Great work!


Ok, Learjet 45 shell is in KLM livery!!
I still need some decals, like KLM ans Skyteam but due to the small amounts ordering them from a decal producer seems extremely expensive, so i am planning to make them with my CNC machine.
They are all white , so shouldn't be too hard.

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Time to get inside!

Make sure to reach out to Randy. I’m sure he still has a few sets of rudder pedals. Worth every penny!

Start from bottom up. Don’t leave things behind since it could get you into  “Oh man - should’ve thought about it earlier” moment.

Wow Roel!  Your shell is looking beautiful!  I like the colors too!  Everything looks smooth and finished nicely.  Looking forward to seeing what you work on next.

Maciej is right, start from the bottom up and try to think of everything you want to put in the BIG picture.  Even with the best planning, you will later realize that you should have done something different or better.  But that's okay.  Build it, fly it and plan on  future upgrades.  But that is way down the road!

Thanks for the compliments!

Yes, what I have learned is that a sim is never finished.  Technology changed as well as materials and equipment.  But that is what I like about this, I like the building more then the actual using of the sim.

I got one great compliment on Facebook:

A guy who works with Lear 45’s mistaken it for a real

It doesn't get better then that! 😀

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