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Roel's Learjet 45 simulator

The foaming mess is finished 😉
I had 15 bags of waste to bring to the dump.
I even had to pay for it, didn't know that.
But also this phase is fun to do.
I ordered my polyester stuff today so next weekend hopefully on with the polyester.

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So after using about 15 litres of resin and 15 m2 fiberglass , my shell is covered with polyester.
Now the hard part of getting it all smooth begins :S


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How many layers did you manage to put on? Reason I’m asking - you need certain thickness around windshield.

I used 2 layers of fiberglass, but arround the windshield 4 at some places 5 or 6 layers!
I think the plexiglass will fitt nicely.

I removed the windshield's today.
This went pretty well, had to do some cutting with a little precision circle saw to remove some fiberglass.
So up to the next phase...


I have to say, smoothening the shell with bondo IS a lot of work.
So far i have used about 10 kg of bondo and am only 3/4 done!
But, indeed, it has somekind of zen feeling to it 🙂
One side is allmost done, other side next week...i hope...


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It is a lot of work! Your shell is looking great won't be long till you will be applying your final coat of paint! Great job on the build!

What would you guys advice:

Finish first the interior of the sim and then place the windows or place the windows first?

Hey Roel,

I completely finished my shell including installing the windscreens before doing the majority of the interior work.  To this date, I have not had a need to remove the windscreens, but I do find myself needing to be extra careful not to bump things into them.

Mark down under has taken one of his out while doing some FGC work behind the glare shield.  If they are removed,  it would make things easier to get to, and trust me, I have considered it over the years.

My suggestion is to make them, fit them, paint them and install them to insure you have the fit you want.  Then if you feel you need to, take a few minutes and remove them.  Set them aside in some protect covering like a blanket so that they are ready to go when you want to reinstall them.

Looking good by the way and looking forward to seeing some paint on your Lear45 shell!

Thanks for the advice.

I couldn't think of a reason yet why not to install them, except for the mounting of the glareshield.

Maybe I will install this prior to painting the shell.


Hey Roel,

I am not sure if you are using 1/16th" thick door skins for your windscreen templates or not.  But if you are, use them as windscreen paint plugs when painting.  Then remove them and use them to copy your Lexan windscreens.

This is a good photo of the windscreen template in place during the painting of my shell:

shell painting

As you can see, at this point I have all the holes drilled and when I remove the temp, I am left with a perfect place to drop in the Lexan windscreens.

Yes, you are correct when thinking that the glareshield will be the tricky piece.  In my case, I had a copy of Shane's real glare shield that fit perfectly in place.  You will more than likely have to make one based on the information that we have and you will need to have the windscreens removed to do this.  Otherwise you will damage them during the fitting process which will be a lot of in and out.


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