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On-going USB issues ?

Some of you may have noticed that I have had a number of recurring issues with usb's over the last 6 months.

Well in my extensive search for answers on the internet, I have come across some very obscure information that should be shared.

Elsewhere I have discussed changing the usb setting disable in advanced settings in power options in control panel.

The next one is a gem for all windows users, who has a computer that is not new. By that I mean that you have plugged and unplugged many peripherals over the years. Well, big surprise,windows has remembered each peripheral. When you open control panel and then device manager it will give you whats connected or disabled now. If you go up to the menus, look for Show hidden devices, and you may or may not view some more items.

However do this procedure and you just might be shocked just how much is lurking "under the hood".

Why would you do this? Because hidden device references can cause conflicts with currently active drivers.

Open a Command Prompt window. Copy and paste this text into it.


start devmgmt.msc

Now press return.

Then, if it has worked, in the View menu in Device Manager select Show Hidden Devices.

Check for any 'greyed out' devices under USB controllers and Human Interface devices. You can also check under any other category. Right click on each greyed out device and choose uninstall.

It is suggested NOT to uninstall any Microsoft devices, or anything in the sound folder unless you definitely know the item is not still installed.


Disclaimer. This worked for me. I am not responsible for what you do to your computer.

It was easy, but in my case time consuming as I had almost one hundred entries to individually uninstall !  Except for new computers which may have no greyed out devices, you may have heaps like I did.

Go ahead and do your computer a favour.


Mark Speechley



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