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JET45 Advanced Avionics Suite Release!

(Original thread started on 09-09-09 by Eric Tomlin)


FlightDeckSoft has announced the availability to Pre-Order the new Jet45 Advanced Avionics Suite at a special introductory price for a limited time. Contact Jason Hite of FlightDeckSoft


"Flightdecksoft is proud to announce the imminent release of our new avionics package! Jet45 Avionics Suite is a high fidelity simulation of business jet avionics typical of the Learjet 40/45 aircraft. Exquisitely modeled menus add a deep and rich simulation experience, more than any other available today! Jet45 is highly accurate but also versatile enough for use with most modern bizjets available for Microsoft Flight Simulator."


From September 9th through September 16th you can Pre-Order JET45 AAS for the special introductory price of $299.00. Shortly there will be a fully functional demo available for users to thoroughly test before committing to a purchase. Watch FlightDeckSoft to get the User Guide and Demo.


Jet45 AAS 1


Please be sure to look at the User Guide for answers to most all of your questions. It can be downloaded from FlightDeckSoft  HERE


I wanted to list out just the highlight features of the new JET45 AAS package. Once you are able to get your hands on the User Guide, you can read about all of the features.


Jet45 AAS Banner



* Pilot/Copilot PFD, EICAS, MFD/ND, and Pilot/Copilot EFIS Display Controller components

* Radio Management Units 1 & 2 with alternate engine and navigation displays for backup

* Several modes of operation within each component



* Separate Pilot and Copilot PFD displays with various EFIS, Compass, and FGC annuciator modes

* FP display on Arc mode



* EICAS with CAS messages dependent upon aircraft configuration

* Basic DEEC modeling for TO settings, taken from RW data that is elevation/temperature dependent

* MFD with TCAS, FP loading, VSpeed loading

* Display Unit Reversion capability

* Both components contain several pages of system modeling/information



* NAV1/2, COM1/2, XPNDR

* Backup display mode provides Navigation mode and Engine mode



* Pilot/Copilot dedicated Display Controller Units

* Ties to PFD and FGC FD functions seamlessly



* FGC Transfer (XFR) functionality for EFIS/Autopilot navigation modes.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 09-09-09)

I wanted to be one of the first to thank Jason for his hard work and dedication in developing this wonderful software for our L45 sims! This software coupled with our hardware is really going to push the Lear45 into the spotlight. We also need to thank Eric for his countless hours of Beta testing and work on the user manual!


I have already purchased my copy even though I am still years out from running it in my sim. I am really looking forward to that day!


(Posted by Jason Hite on 09-10-09)

Thanks everyone for the words of support. It has been a long time in the making but I think it is all worth it to here the excitement and joy that the software is generating. I absolutely cannot wait to see photos of this in your simulators!


Eric did a tremendous job on the user guide didn't he? Really top notch!


(Posted by Mark L. on 09-12-09)

By the way, per the manual: To install the JET45 Avionics Suite, simply click on the installer to the destination of your choice on your PC or Client PC.


Well, I didn't find any installer in the sense of a installation routine. I unzipped the downloaded file and then copied the directories and files to my 'Client PC' as shown in the following graphic. I'm pointing this out as I doubt that I will be the only one that might be looking for a installer routine as in setup.exe or something similar. Writing documentation can be difficult, I have first hand experience with it, and it's easy to step over some details that someone that has never seen it before might not know about.


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 09-12-09)

So sorry Mark, you are absolutely correct. Unzip the file and place the folders where ever you want them to be on your client machines. At one time we had an installer but currently of course it's the zip file, which is great as you have a bit more control in some aspects. I really appreciate you taking the time to outline how you got it installed as it is helpful to the others!


(Posted by Jason Hite on 09-12-09)

As of right now, the software does not have functionality to rotate the windows, however, you can rotate the desktop through your graphics card software. This should be standard on GPUs newer than say 5 years.


If anybody has problems with rotating the center screen, I use a small program called `irotate` to turn my center screen into portrait mode. It also corrects the mouse action to work with the screen on its side. It is free to down load, just do a search for it.


It is also helpful with Dave`s software as it means that the windows tabs are still at the top of the gauge rather than the side. I find that is easier to get the gauges in the correct position.


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 09-12-09)

Just a few thoughts on how things have unfolded over the past few days:

Remember that when Jason and I started this project, we had no idea that it would be as big as it is in its current state. But as we dug in deep and started looking at what the system it models offers to the real crew, we decided to make it as real as possible, but without modeling things that just had no real value to a simulator pilot. In the end, we still have a very nice suite that gives you really a lot more than just the basics, hence the name 'Advanced Avionics Suite' but we need a good bit more time before we can decide on other features, let along a CDU and FGC, although all along we'd love to offer those items. It just depends on the support he gets from you guys, the builders.


The 'debate' (which is really just a discussion that's healthy) about offsets vs. key presses, is a good place to start showing what the users want. We have to balance what folks want with what is a realistic goal and I'm confident that as soon as you all have downloaded the demos you will all be compelled to purchase your license! This package really has no competition for the full size sim builder, with PMRJ only being about 1/10th the package this is IMHO. As such, Jason has been kind enough to give the user an unlimited trial of 15 days, vs. a time limited trial of about 5 minutes for unlimited days with PMRJ. I know which kind of trial I prefer; to fly for 5 hours if I want to for only 15 days vs. 5 minutes at a time.


Let's be sure to encourage Jason with not only sales of the package but with solid feedback so he knows where to go from here. It's amazing that just about a year ago he and I had the first contact with each other and although it took a few months to really get together, he took this project on, and with lots of enthusiasm. Now you see the fruit of his labor! Enjoy the demos and be sure to let he and I (as a JET45 AAS rep) know what we can do to make it better, but please always in a respectful manner.


If anyone has any issues with installing the JET45 AAS, please start a new thread here in the support forum so that we can track YOUR issues in a specific thread so we can give you the attention required to get your issues resolved. This will better insure that someone wont be overlooked. Thanks!

I am proud to announce that after a period of time where the Jet45 Advanced Avionics Suite was not available due to new website design, it is again available for download and purchase!


Jet45 AAS Banner


The Jet45 AAS software can be downloaded from FlightDeckSoft HERE 

Please be sure to look at the Jet45 User Guide found below for answers to most all of your questions.  You can also check out this thread with some other FAQ HERE

Many thanks to Jason Hite for all his work on this software package!


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Hangar45 is proud to announce that the premier Jet45 Advanced Aircraft Suite and the Jet45 UNS-1 FMS by FlightDeckSoft is on sale for a limited time!  If you have or are looking to build a Lear45 flight simulator, these software programs are a must have in your project.  The Jet45 AAS software is the lifeblood of our projects!  For more information, browse through the dedicated Jet45 Support Forum.  Also check out the F.A.Q. thread found HERE


Jet45 AAS


Buy Now Button


Jet45 FMS

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