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Drawings and Panels V2.0 by Project45

Hey guys,

I have been a little quiet lately on the hangar but very active in the background.  Over the past two months I have been working to push the panel drawings within 98% of completion.  At this point, I only need to finish the Circuit Breaker panels and break down all the drawings to make them easy to understand.  Last but not least, I have to make at least one of every panel to prove that they are good to go!

I have started this process with four panel sets:

  1.  Flight Guidance Control Panel (FGC)
  2.  The left and right Reversion Panels
  3.  Pitch Trim Panel
  4.  Hobbs Panel

Here is a photo of the beginning of the process with these four panel sets:

Start of panels V2.0

Most of the work done so far is backer panels, standoff support panels, back lighting panels, paint plug tools and the assembly of the dual function switches on the reversion panels.

During the process of "proving the drawings, I will be working on between two and four panels sets at a time depending on the complexity of them.  If you have a CNC and are anxious to see if you can make your own panels, don't worry, the drawings and the G code will be posted up on this website as soon as each set is proven.  If you have a request for a panel to be proven sooner rather than later, please ask and I will see if I can make it a priority.  I will say this, the Display Units are next on the "to do list".

One other item that I want to touch on really quick is a tool that I call Panel Paint Plugs.  Each panel drawing will include a Paint plug.  The purpose of this tool is to insert into the back side of the front panel to block the flat black paint from getting into the areas of the panel that we need to keep clean.  I will have more on this in the near future, but for now, here is a photo of a couple Paint Plugs:

Paint Plugs

I will post up another update next Friday.  Keep an eye out!

Good work Ron!!
Indeed i am anxious to try something out
I have allready most panels, but still some are missing.

I got a feeling that most of my panels will get a replaced at some point...

Looking really good Ron!

Quick update!  This past week I moved forward with the current panel sets by completing the light clads for the FGC, Pitch Trim and Reversion panels.  I had to make some more minor adjustments to the drawings and G codes which is why I want to make a few "proof copies" of everything before releasing anything:

Additionally, I have finished several component clads for the FGC including soldering all the switches and new metal encoders onto the clad.  We have enough Mountain switches for five FGC panels:

Next week I will be starting on the front panels!

Hey guys,

Another weekly update on the progress of the panels I am currently working on.  This past week I feel like I made three steps forward and two steps back.  Still, at the end of the week I was a little ahead of where I was the previous week.

I discovered I made a few errors in some of the clad parts I made and had to cut them again.  Additionally, I discovered that I needed to add isolation rings around the encoders on the FGC light clad now that the encoders we will be using have metal shafts.  Without the isolation rings, the metal shafts could touch the 12 volt lighting ground on the light clad and the body of the encoders are crimped to the ground on the components clad for the interface cards.  I have not tested what would happen and I honestly do not want to know.  So isolation rings it is!

I have the front panels for several Reversion panels and Pitch Trim Panels complete and started work on the FGC panels.  See photo below:

During this process, I had to make lots of countersinking and the insertion of brass inserts.  All these parts are going to fit perfectly!  Hopefully by the end of next week I will have the FGC front plates cut out and all the resistors and LEDs soldered onto the light clads.  Everything is coming along!

Wow...great job Ron!!

Looking good Ron!

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