All new Hangar 45!

Welcome to the all new Hangar45!  This website is currently under construction.  Over the next few weeks you will see content, pages and an all new forum added to this site.  Don’t worry, if you had content from the old forum, it will be ported over!  Our goal is to keep the same club atmosphere, promote information sharing and as a group, build the best Lear45 home simulators possible. 

In the mean time while the forum is down, if you have any questions or need to get a hold of one of the Hangar45 admin, you can email Ron Rollo at or Shane Barnes at


  1. Author

    Another test post with an avatar this time. We should have something up and running shortly where members can start registering and replying to post and articles submitted. Keep in mind that this system within the Hangar site is not the up and coming forums. The forums is where the meat and potatoes of our information sharing will take place.

    All a big work in progress!

  2. Author

    Here is a quick test to see if it is possible to post photos in the comment section and the answer is YES! We will need to use a HTML target from a third party photo storage website like ImageShack, take a look.




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