All new Hangar 45!

Welcome to the all new Hangar45!  This website is currently under construction.  Over the next few weeks you will see content, pages and an all new forum added to this site.  Don’t worry, if you had content from the old forum, it will be ported over!  Our goal is to keep the same club atmosphere, promote information sharing and as a group, build the best Lear45 home simulators possible. 

In the mean time while the forum is down, if you have any questions or need to get a hold of one of the Hangar45 admin, you can email Ron Rollo at or Shane Barnes at


  1. Ron, I got your email and I am in. Thanks.

  2. Doesn’t anyone monitor this site?

  3. This takes the cake. This site used to work, Since you changed it I can’t register or login. I was a contributor before, remember my taxi light mod. Oh well…….

  4. For some reason, when trying to log in, it says there is an error, that my user name is invalid. Did something change with logins?

    1. Author

      Hi Arthur,

      Yes, this is a whole new website and if you were a member in the past with the old website, you have to re-register again. Instructions can be found on the “About Hangar 45” page. Lots of new features, especially the ease of adding photos to the forums. Let me know if you need further assistance.

      1. I don’t know what is wrong. Registration doesn’t work.

  5. Author

    Hey Maciej, try using a different Google link option. Most third party hosting sites offer as many as 4 different link options.

    In the next few days I will find the time to start repopulating the forums! Looking forward to getting this all done! The hangar has a pulse again!

  6. Hi J.T. My name is Mark and I go by the name
    Mark S. as we have a few Marks’ as members. The rumours are actually true as it is the best site for building a Lear bar none on the planet. Ron has done a wonderful job transferring the website and making it more future proof. Once he has it up and running you will see what we mean. I want to also tell you that the members are international, myself an Australian. I have already flown to the U.S. in 2016 to attend a this Forums biennial function held in Florida. I am close to finishing as much as I can on my simulator and some photos can be seen in the Featured Projects in the top menu.
    Remember any questions and we’ll try and answer as soon as possible.
    Mark S.

  7. I am brand new to Hanger 45… have heard about its reputation on various websites like AVSIM as a reasonable way of building a home cockpit. However, it seems like there is no where to even register, etc.? When will the website be back and running with all of the content? I think I read that you could even purchase panel parts, etc. through different people on the website? Looking forward to meeting you all!

    1. Author

      Hi J.T.,

      I am glad that you have found us! The rumors are true, Hangar45 is a great place to get started on the Lear45 sim but as you can see, our new website is still a work in progress. All of the content from the old site has been saved and is slowly making it’s way back into this new website. All of the old forum information was also saved and will be added here!

      The hold up is researching and finding the best solution for a forum so that we never have to go through growing pains like this again. Our hopes are that within a few days the forums will be up and the content will start to be uploaded. (There were over 1,500 threads and 15,000 post)

      In the meantime, if you have any specific questions or are looking for particular photos, please email me at

      Thanks for you patience J.T.

    2. Hi J.T. ,

      If you have a facebook account search for ” Hangar 45 A place for Lear 45 sim builders” and join the group on Facebook as well.


  8. Author

    Here is a quick test to see if it is possible to post photos in the comment section and the answer is YES! We will need to use a HTML target from a third party photo storage website like ImageShack, take a look.




    1. Hi Ron,
      Am anxious to see the material returned to the site. I have purchased a few items from Alan Norris (English Rebel) and could use his photos. Especially any of his IPECO seat. Just picked it up today.


  9. Author

    Another test post with an avatar this time. We should have something up and running shortly where members can start registering and replying to post and articles submitted. Keep in mind that this system within the Hangar site is not the up and coming forums. The forums is where the meat and potatoes of our information sharing will take place.

    All a big work in progress!

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